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Lease Management Database

 | Ostgren Associates, Inc.  San Francisco, CA

ÖAI have developed the REACTS (Real Estate Area Computerized Tracking System) concept that benefits owners, portfolio/asset managers, building engineers and leasing representatives with lease log data integrated with accurate CAD drawings.

The developed CAD disks can act as useful base documents for other disciplines such as structural Engineering for seismic-upgraded documents, updatable fire protection (life safety) and emergency/security graphics, ADA compliance diagrams, path of travel documents, marketing and future planning and operational/relational space management needs. ÖAI can record all as built tenant conditions on a separate layer. The end product is vital during the due diligence cycle/appraisal process. All project-related CAD files (disks and/or PDF) and Control Book will be given to you for in-house use with the exception of Polylines that reflect ÖAI interpretation of BOMA guidelines and ÖAI knowledge of the structure. Categorize building functions, utilize Polyline CAD tool to compute & designate areas consolidate architectural CAD information, Polyline documents and space summaries publish REACTS report, global BOMA spreadsheet and Control Book.